Eyes must be washed, must view in a different way. We believe that development and prosperity, employment and hope, industrialization, and maintaining the branding of the name of Iran, and in a word, connecting with the modern world community, is possible through sustainable development and industrialization. One of the important requirements of this issue is present in the field of production; Production based on modern knowledge and ancient experience. We are proud to have both and to embody them in our products.
These words are not feelings and slogans; Yazdpolika Industries Production Group has more than four decades of experience and using the latest technology and modern machinery and having a unique laboratory in the region, we are on the path of upgrading. And we try to market the name of Iran in our products. However, as an economic enterprise, we will not be perfect without fulfilling our social responsibilities. We have tried our best to serve our motherland in this position and always focus our thoughts on a gorgeous and prosperous Iran. And last but not least, our best reward is when we watch the smile of satisfaction on the faces of customers of Yazd Polika products. It’s not the end of the story yet; We are glad that you have been with us and we are working hard to respond to this support with more effort and development of quality products.