The 87/5 degree three-way bend is designed in accordance with European standards in such a way that the angle difference of 2.5 degrees compared to 90 degrees causes the facilities to slope from the connection point and the sewage moves more squarely.

In vertical risers, sometimes there is a height limitation in the implementation, in these cases, 87.5 degrees three ways are used. 


  • Easier and faster implementation of sewage piping network
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • No need to heat the pipe or connection
  • Smooth and polished surface
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Reducing the number of connections used
  • Resistant to deformation during execution
سه راه خم 87/5 درجه - سه سر کوپل
Product NameSpecifications
5.87 degree three way bendThree heads of couple


INSO 9119-1BS EN 1329-1
Sizeکد کاربردthickness (mm)Application codethickness (mm)SNColor